I no longer want to live in fear of expressing myself. Here’s some opinions ..ON OPINIONS.

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Thoughts on neogaf and #gamergate by boogie2988

So inspiring …

"Find the most positive thing and champion it, if you don’t find it, BE the change you want to see in the world"

Sadly it cuts quite abrupt in the end.

If someone can’t or don’t want to listen to it, here is a little transcript, written by boogie himself: http://pastebin.com/Nb7FQ5TR

In reference to that ban on Neogaf…


I knew that ban was coming.  While I don’t think I ever directly violated any rules, I knew that my melting down over there was going to cause it I guess.  No I didn’t want it, and no it hurts me terribly, but that’s just how it is.

Here’s the reasons:

Being told that it was because I did not properly defend women in gaming or whatever is frustrating because its about 90% of what I’ve been trying to do the past 2 months.  Many women I’ve spoken to (as well as many men) have assured me of that.  Ah well.

Being told that its because i side with monsters, when I have routinely condemned the bad parts of gamergate in that thread over and over is likewise painful.  But again, ah well.

I understand their position.  It is difficult for many people to understand my position and I guess its impossible to explain it.  I tried for several thousand posts to do so on ‘gaf.

No hard feelings to anyone in that thread or to the administration.  I am grateful that they allowed my voice to resonate there as long as they did.  If they choose to let me come back, which they won’t, I’ll be glad to participate other discussions and leave that single one alone.

I know that won’t happen though, and that’s fine.  I’m a realist.

But thanks to the folks that last year ushered in my ‘gaf account and got me there.  Sorry I used that privilege to self implode.  Good luck with the rest of what you do over there.

I guess this is supposed to be where I say “Neogaf is an echo chamber and all they want is one single unanimous voice and they’ll ban anyone who disagrees”.  I don’t think that’s the case, even now.  I think there are some wonderful people that post on that board, even those who disagree with what I had to say.  I’m sorry I’ll no longer have a way to discuss these things with them.

This is so sad …


Recently I’m being told my color is ‘blue’ and that I’m an ally of gamergate and I’ve had a ton of support from it because people there feel that I’m supporting the movement.

It is true that I joined a thunderclap and that I have absolutely supported some of the agendas and decisions that this…

Random Gamergate Thoughts


Commentary | ‘We Will Force Gaming to Be Free’ On GamerGate & the Licence to Inflict Suffering

Sorry guys - this will be in German.

Es ist nicht der erste Wall-of-text, den ich zu diesem Thema gelesen habe. Habe auch Texte gelesen, die sich fast noch stärker Anti-GG angefühlt haben. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1scfh0p Ich habe mit der Person auch direkt einige Worte gewechselt, ganz im Sinne des Horizonterweiterns. Ich habe mit Menschen geredet die beide “Seiten” hart kritisieren und allgemein dagegen sind, dass man auf einer Seite sein muss. (Assoziation: So ähnlich wie mit dem Russland vs. NATO-Dilemma) Ich sehe gute Diskussionen auf twitter https://twitter.com/kenwongart/status/519938892011954176 oder in Podcasts. Und ein Journalist, der einen Anti-Gamergate Artikel geschrieben hat, hatte Ballz-of-Steel und ist einfach mal in die IRC-Hochburg von Gamergate gegangen um zu diskutieren. http://pastebin.com/autGqiM5
Zum Text: Am Ende des Tages geht es um Meinung. Und vermutlich hat’s immer ein wenig mit Narrativ zu tun. Á la “was glaubst du wem, was nicht”. Einige Teile des Textes seh ich ganz einfach anders oder stelle die Quellen in Frage, die entsprechenden Folgerungen lehne ich daher stellenweise ab. Manchmal sind’s nur kleine Details, die einen ganzen Absatz anders aussehen lassen. An anderen Stellen sehe ich es ähnlich und das sind Teile wo ich mit GG nicht übereinstimme. Ich sympathisiere mit Teilen von GG während ich ebenso mit Teilen von Feminismus sympathisiere. Wahrscheinlich momentan mehr mit ersterem als zweitem. Ich bin aber auch skeptisch gegenüber einigen Dingen dort.

Jede Bewegung hat scheiß Extremisten und zu sagen, dass GG Frauenhasser hat, ist IMO wie zu sagen Feminismus hat Männerhasser. Vor allem hier auf tumblr kann man das gut sehen. Und in allen Bewegungen und Anti-Bewegungen gibt es dumme Psychopathen, die doxxen, beleidigen und bedrohen sich alle gegenseitig. Es gibt Opfer auf allen Seiten und das ist alles scheiße.

Und mein Grund weshalb ich mit GG sympathisiere ist folgender: Wenn eine Bewegung gegen Korruption von Kotaku vorgehen will, und meinetwegen ekelhafte Fehler dabei gemacht hat, danach 14 (oder mehr) verschiedene Videospieljournalisten (auch in deinem Link verlinkt) das selbe sagen und von vornherein die Bewegung schlecht gemacht wird, ohne es großartig von verschiedenen Blickpunkten zu beleuchten, danach viele andere Quellen zeigen, wie tief die Korruption geht, man danach von verschiedenen social media Seiten gebannt und zensiert wird, u.a. weil der Besitzer der Seite befreundet ist mit den Leuten gegen die du vorgehen willst, dann wäre ich auch fucking sauer. Das rechtfertigt keine der übertriebenen scheiß Aktionen, aber es rechtfertigt IMO die Bewegung selbst. Ob das nun rechtfertigt, dass man die Advertiser anschreibt und sich beschwert, sodass diese Seiten weniger Geld machen, muss jeder für sich selbst entscheiden. Kann verstehen wenn man die Bewegung deshalb ablehnt. Im eSports wird sowas schon seit Jahren gemacht, wenn die Spieler sich schlecht benehmen.
Mehr als die Beleidigungen und die Bedrohungen abzulehnen, und aktiv gegen vorgehen, können sie nicht. Und das tun sie - überall auf 8chan steht es. Und neuerdings haben sie die IP-Adresse von einem der Bedroher herausgefunden https://twitter.com/sanc/status/521211260017606656 . Es gibt keine Möglichkeit jeden zu kontrollieren. Der Anonymous-approach macht es halt auch sehr einfach für Leute die Bewegung von innen kaputt machen wollen.
Ansonsten: Die Diskussionen, die bis dato aufgrund der Bewegung so passiert sind, finde ich btw. super. GG organisiert momentan auch Charity Zeugs. Ich finde Totalbiscuit, boogie und Socks/Rinaxas super. Und GG hat stellenweise cooles FanArt :)
Aber es gibt genau so viele Sachen, die ich an GG nicht mag. Dieser ständige Geruch von Propaganda um die Leute zu motivieren. Jede Kleinigkeit wird als “Sieg” gefeiert, als wäre es irgendeine radikale Partei. Einige der lauteren Leute aus GG - vor allem am Anfang der Bewegung - würde ich wenigstens als “fragwürdige Charaktere” einschätzen, die interessieren mich dann auch einfach nicht. Dieser ganze Anti-Sexismusquatsch interessiert mich auch nur geringfügig - das ist eben auch Meinungssache.


It’s a bit frustrating to see, that everyone is blindly accepting that the “crab people” reference is from the game, the animation and South Park, but ignoring the reference to the journalism.

But Well.

Answering the comments of my “crab-people”-post

goldenblackhawk :

Guys… “Crab People” is from a game… Headcrabs… That you can play as… What is this…

how even

Dear Kevin, (and tagging you, so maybe you and your fans see this)

And to everyone who is agreeing with you and stating that it’s a reference to the Game:

yes we know, that it’s a reference to that game and the animation that was made. But the connection to the journalism about minorities in video games is there. You can say, that he wasn’t referring to that at all, but many people know about that journalism and saw that connection, because it’s kinda obvious. And with his tweets he made a joke about it and it represents his opinion which he stated before, more clearly, on his twitter: He thinks it’s unimportant, he just want to play games. And that’s okay. That’s how he dealt with it too, when he stated his opinion on gun-control laws. And often comedy like that will offend someone. And people may say their opinions on it. Then we share information and reasons for these opinions and we are smarter than before. That’s how it works.

I am not attacking Aleks for this, he may have his opinion and I found these jokes funny. I also watched his channel for some time btw. But I think saying that he is ONLY referencing to the game and that animation is kind of shutting the eyes just to defend him.

Have a nice day, I still love you guys of course.


Omg… How did he offend minorities and misgender someone ? I don’t understand D:: CRAB PEOPLE WERE LITERALLY CRABs in that one gmod

What minorities could crab people be referring to ????

I don’t even know if I should answer this post, but just to make one thing clear again: I learned that fedoras are fashion for bronies. And bronies are defined male. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Brony

So it is hidden somewhere. It’s sad if it did hurt that person, but I think it’s not the fault of ImmortalHD. He didn’t know them.


Kevin, the whole crab people thing could have easily been replaced with women or poc and it just sounded a lot to me like he was making light of the lack of diversity in video games and it even if he didnt mean it that way, thats what it sounded like.

Thank you, that’s exactly what I think, too. At least all people here should CONSIDER this point of view, and see where the problems could be. Most people actually don’t want to attack anyone with this.


Ughh. I love Immortal and I really enjoy his videos but this is kinda upsetting. He is being very inconsiderate.

That could be true, and you are more than welcome to post or say your opinion on this matter. Be nice guys.


It’s a troll SJW blog made to mock SJW and give fuel to anti-SJWs

They will turn the dumbest thing about Minorities, feminism and LGBT extremes.

That’s actually an interesting point of view. What I would definitely say is, that it’s extremist behaviour, which is highly toxic (Like I did before).

Thank you for everyone who commented, so we can have a proper debate. And thanks to Kevin that me made that post more “viral”.


Anonymous said: On the immortalHD and Kat exchange. Are you sure Kat isnt a troll? They seem to much like those "anti-sjw"/trolls that pretend to be sjws and act like over the top stereotypes of sjws. There seems to be a lot of those kinds of people popping up lately on tumblr and else where.

Hello and thank you for your Ask,

as you can see in my “personal note”-paragraph, I said that it seems a bit like that person isn’t really interested in an honest debate. That could include that it’s a troll. Who knows, but I felt like it’s important to make a statement about true equality and against harassment and to make these points it doesn’t really matter if it’s a troll or not.

But thanks, I should maybe consider more often, that extremists could be just trolls of the other side.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said: hey uh, @goldfishsnacks isnt transgender, but nonbinary rather, so bringing up all that shit on transgender people doesnt really make sense??


you are clearly misinterpreting some stuff I said. I never said, that that person is transgender, I just quoted their blog, that they say, that cis people should not stand up / defend transgender people. And I think thats a toxic behaviour of extremists. And I don’t know what “shit” I “bring up” about transgender people.

Have a nice day.

edit: genderless pronouns.

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